Sunday, October 12, 2008

Card #13, Halifax, eh?

This postcard hails from Halifax, Nova Scotia, my first card from Canada. The user, ckaye, seems particularly fond of Anne of Green Gables, as the card was decorated in stickers with that theme. I believe the author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, comes from that part of the world. Before receiving this card, I didn't know much about Nova Scotia, except that people who live there have pretty funny accents. Now I know that Halifax is home to five major universities and is a major cultural hub in Canada. It is a major port city located on a natural harbor, and was settled for many centuries by the Mi'kmaq aboriginals, who were displaced by the arrival of Europeans. This was the settling place for the well-known Acadians (French tranplants), who were largely forced out of the area at a later time; their culture still influences the area, however. Acadians were forced in quantity to the Mississippi gulf area and morphed into the culture we refer to as "Cajun" in America today. Cool huh? I think Nova Scotia would be a cool place to visit. This postcard is a photograph taken by local photographer Kendall Worth. It arrived on October 3 after 9 days.

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