Sunday, November 2, 2008

Card #31, Krakow Ya Doin?

Krakow, Poland deserves a great deal of recognition as a city of historic importance. It is over one thousand years old. Wikipedia calls it the "spiritual center" of Poland, and the sender of the card, arti, says she loves the city because it "has its own soul." Those are really magnificent claims. Krakow has a population of about 750,000, and its historic city center has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to Wikipedia, there is evidence to suggest that settlements have existed on Wawel Hill (the current site of the historic city center) since the Stone Age. Legend attributes the founding of Krakow to the mythical ruler Krakus, who built the town above a cave which was home to a dragon, Smok Wawelski. Knights attempted to defeat the dragon in battle, but Krakus eventually eradicated the dragon by feeding it a poisoned breakfast. Then Krakus was able to establish his city on the hill. The bones of the dragon are displayed at Wawel Cathedral in the city center.

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