Sunday, November 2, 2008

Card #33, Just Another Finnish Sunset

I do get quite a few cards from Finland. But that's okay! I just love my postcards, each and every one. Since I hear from the good folks of Finland pretty frequently, let's talk about that great nation a bit.

1. The capital is Helsinki.
2. Official languages are Finnish, Swedish, and regionally, Sami.
3. The form of government is semi-presidential republic. (They have both a president and a prime minister.)
4. Finland became an independent nation in 1917.
5. It joined the EU January 1, 1995.
6. It is 130,558 square miles and home to 5.3 million people.
7. It has the 12th highest per capita income, at $35,349.
8. Its Finnish name, Suomi, means "Our Land."

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