Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Minor success

Greetings! So here's the deal - my first attempt at the Flickr 365 project failed. :( I posted three photos and the weekend came around and I totally crapped out. Fortunately I still have over two and a half years to get it done. :) On the brighter side, I have finished or nearly finished several items on my list already. #3 Crochet the purple skirt that I've been wanting since last year, is well underway and already nearly halfway finished, and I am just as excited about it as I had hoped. And in order to begin aforementioned skirt, I managed to complete #26. Go to a specialty knitting store and buy high-quality yarns for a project I'm excited about. It was a great experience, despite the fact that I went with the baby (for those who don't know, I work as a nanny and spend a lot of my time with a beautiful 8 month old baby named Olivia). She was very well-behaved and I enjoyed touching all the beautiful yarn. The saleswoman also told me all about their resident knitting club and all the lessons and services they offer. The club meets the night I have class, but maybe once the semester is over I can look into joining.

Also, my room (#87) is, in essence, complete. It could use a little cleaning and maybe a rug on the floor, but I have a desk where I can use my laptop and scanner, a bookshelf, a chair by the window with all my craft supplies in a basket next to it, all my photos and several of my framed prints on display, my piano is set up and has already been used. So I think this one can be marked off the list as well. Also, #86 is complete. The linen cabinet is set up and has been filled with blankets, sheets, and towels, and I think it was absolutely a brilliant idea for storing linens.
So, photos of these accomplishments will soon follow, and more success is on the way! Woot!

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