Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Update #1!

The project is well underway. I have already nearly completed numbers 86 and 87 (storing linens and creating a room for myself) and have only a few finishing touches to complete before I can photograph them and cross them off!

Today I also began the Flickr 365 days photo project (#18), which you can (and should!) visit regularly at to see my new photos. I hope it's a fun exercise! Now, to see if I can actually commit to it for a whole year...we shall see!

I have also been incredibly faithful to the Postcrossing project, not only keeping at least one postcard in the mail at all times, but keeping the maximum of five postcards in the mail at all times. I have already received two postcards, one from Finland and one from the Netherlands, which I shall soon scan into a new album on Flickr for all to enjoy.

Thanks, all, for your support!


Café Chick said...

I haven't got into Post Crossing yet, but it's part of my 101 goals. Good on you for doing so well with it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's ellen from postcrossing, hust here checking out your list. You have some great goals on there. Good luck with it all!